Short Film: Seattle Without People

Empty America is a series of videos from filmmaker Ross Ching currently being released by Ashton Kutcher’s Thrash Lab, a premium YouTube channel showcasing “rich visuals, narrative entertainment and high end cultural content.”.

On Monday the latest film in the series was released, showing us this time what Seattle looks like without people. Timelapse style. (Full film above).

“In Each City we have 30 or 40 locations and we only have about 2 and a half days to pull off all the locations.” – Ross Ching

Ross started the series two years ago with a video shot in San Francisco.

After hitting viral success he wanted to expand the series to other cities but didn’t have a budget.

When Thrash Lab started up back in May of this year Ross pitched the idea to them, and the rest is history.

BONUS VIDEO: Behind The Scenes

To watch the other films in the Empty America series and for more info on Ross check out his site at

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