Cafe Vita have begun a new online video series, and it’s gorgeously produced.
‘Steadfast’ celebrates “the real-life legends all around us”.

Chapter One was released back in August (2013) and tells the story of 86-year old Seattle woman Edith Macefield who refused to sell her Ballard home to property developers, despite being offered 1 million dollars!

When Edith passed away she left the property to her close friend. The building still stands, albeit with a ghastly modern construction surrounding it.

Check out the full film below. Featuring interviews and stories from the folks in Ballard who know her legend the best.

We are looking forward to the ‘Steadfast’ series unfolding. More untold stories from fascinating Seattle legends.

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On a sunny Palo Alto day in 1992 a 14 year old kid called Ted stopped by a local neighborhood home and egged it!

That kid’s last name was Franco, and later he would go by the name of James Franco, star of the small and big screen.

Franco apparently is not an egg and run type though. An apology letter he wrote shortly after the sordid event has resurfaced. Addressed to Dr. Moskowitz, owner of said home, Franco apologizes for the ‘hurt feelings’ and ‘wasted time’ his actions might have caused.

James Franco's Apology Letter
James Franco’s handwritten apology letter, 1992.

The letter was posted to hipster shopping site ‘Bureau of Trade’, a site founded by Dr. Moskowitz’s son.
Although not for sale, it has been listed in the ‘Priceless’ section. An odd piece of memorabilia from an otherwise mundane moment in time.

James Franco BookWe would like to think that this was just an innocently timed ‘resurfacing’ but James Franco’s next film is in fact titled ‘Palo Alto’, and is all about a group of teens with a penchant for finding trouble. Hmmm. It’s also based on a book he wrote of the same name.

Franco will star however not as a teenager but as a sleazy football coach who makes advances on a student.
‘Palo Alto’ is also notable for being the debut from director Gia Coppola, granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola and niece of Sophia Coppola.

All that aside, Franco’s 1992 letter about egging is still a humorous read. Here’s our transcription…

Dear Dr. Moskowitz,

First of all I will apologize once again for destroying your personal property. I did it out of carelessness, not thinking that feelings might be hurt. And valuable time and money wasted.
It will never enter my mind to do something like this ever again.
Thank you for being so gracious about this whole matter and not having the police involved. It was very considerate of you to do that for us after we were discourteous to you.
I am truly sorry. I hope we can just forget all this and put it behind us. I have learned by my lesson,

Ted Franco

More Info

Bureau of Trade
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